The Best Drinking Tradition You've Never Heard Of

Traditional to both Asturias and the Basque region of Spain, the Txotx (pronounced /CHO-ch/) is about to be your new favorite way to drink cider. After traveling through the Basque country, Black Twig's Mattie Beason and John Eisensmith fell in love with the Txotx and dreamed of introducing it to the thirsty folks of Durham. In March of 2016, after years of plotting and planning, they were delighted to christen the United States' inaugural indoor Txotx. Black Twig cordially invites you to share this centuries-old tradition with us as we drink this refreshing cider. The Txotx offers you the opportunity to taste a traditional Basque or Asturian cider in a small pour, all in an exciting, convivial environment. Have you Txotxed today??

Over 1,000 years ago, the people of Northeastern Spain began fermenting cider in 20,000L chestnut barrels, simply by allowing the native microbes to feast on the natural sugars in the fresh-pressed juice. According to local lore, the word "txotx" is an onomatopoeia - the sound made when puncturing the barrel to release the cider. Over time, the term "txotx" has come to refer not only to the sound, but to the barrel, the style of cider, the call to drink, and the toast. As it is done in Basque and Asturian ciderhouses, the call of, "Txotx!" is an open invite to all to join in as we gather around the barrel. Once everyone has caught the cider in their glass, the toast of, "Txotx!" is offered, and everyone drinks in unison.

When you txotx for the first time, you may be surprised at how far the cider shoots from the barrel. The reason for this is twofold:  originally, it was simply a matter of force of volume. Beyond this, this naturally still cider gains a refreshing temporary effervescence and aeration as it "breaks" on the flat bottom of the traditional cider glass. As such, the cider is generally consumed quickly after being poured.